Redactor sef: Alexandru LAMBA
Redactor sef-adj.: Teodora MATEI
Redactia: Adina AILOAIEI, Marcel GHERMAN,
Bogdan S. POPESCU, Sorin Catalin TRASCU

Contributii grafice: John DOBRO
Editor / Director: George SAUCIUC
Author Archive

Teleporting Without Tutorial

Having only limited success with time travels – and strongly being advised against it by the Doctor, I traded Wells’ original blueprints for the Time Machine and got myself a pair of Teleport Pods, initially designed by George Langelaan and the first working pair constructed by Seth Brundle (who by mishap perished with his experiment)....

Rebuilding the Time Machine

A couple of years ago I found some old schematics or drawings in an Antique Shop. The faintly discoloured papers roused my natural curiousity. I could not resist the temptation and bought them right away. These documents turned out to be H.G.Wells’ actual blueprints for the time machine. Do not ask me how they came...

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