Redactor sef: Alexandru LAMBA
Redactor sef-adj.: Teodora MATEI
Redactia: Adina AILOAIEI, Marcel GHERMAN,
Bogdan S. POPESCU, Sorin Catalin TRASCU

Contributii grafice: John DOBRO
Editor / Director: George SAUCIUC
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Fix that pipe!

Lenny could not have said he loved his work a great deal. When he was young, he dreamed of exploring the universe aboard one of the ships that took off daily from the spaceport near his town. At that time, spacecrafts used rockets with liquid fuel, and it was a pleasure to follow the steamy...

The snail killer

          You live in Kronstadt, a city in Transylvania. You are a Romanian citizen, your ethnicity is German. Your name is Wilhelm R.           The Romanian name of your city is different. You accept that, of course, but in your correspondence with Germany you use Kronstadt. You never discuss ethnic issues with...

Nick and Judy’s Nightmare

          A chill wind blew across an otherwise quiet forest; Judy awoke to the sound of dry leaves rustling across the ground. A few flew across her bare fur as the cold autumn breeze cooled her skin, making her shiver.           Her arms and legs felt partially numb, she was stood on her knees on...

A page from ‘Clovenhoof’

                    As I was walking, I heard a strange voice calling me. The voice was feminine, soft and alluring, yet it sent shivers down my spine. I turned around already knowing what I was going to see. Her short, black hair framed her heart-shaped face, her dark eyes froze me once again. She knew....

Death Stalker

Yarie had one thing on her mind–revenge on her no-good, murderer of a father. She pushed away the thought of death and focused on the melody of violin strings playing from behind the curtains at her back. Her feet shuffled across the stage as she swayed her dress from side to side, offering the men...

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